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Aviation Pioneers is dedicated to providing students and customers the best place for opting various courses and buying various kind of aviation books & accessories with ease with all the suggestive help from our sales staff and academic Coordinators.

We assist Students and Customers making the right choice for a better outcome.


Aviation Pioneers was founded by Capt. Homam I Abonadi, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the year 2006.

Since opening, hundreds of satisfied Students & Customers all over the Kingdom has achieved their dreams through our various Aviation Course & Aviation supplies. Aviation Pioneers provide a wide variety of services to our valuable Students & Customers.
Aviation Pioneers is dedicated to providing quality training in the field of aviation comprising of various training modules.

Our Mission

To provide our students with the best training in the field of Aviation. Enabling them to reach their desired goals with ease in this competitive industry.

To satisfy the customers with zero complaints.

To have qualified staff to fulfill the arrangements and special request to the expectation of our Students & Customers.