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What is Aviation Pioneers?

Aviation Pioneers, one of the leading aviation supplies and academics provider in the Region located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia since 2006.

Our academy has trained and assisted hundreds of people who achieved their career in the aviation field. Our team made up of experienced airline industry professionals who know exactly what it takes to succeed in the aviation field. Every staff member gives their ultimate best to each and every one of our trainees.

Aviation Pioneers welcomes you to attend (or visit) our Academy and our Unique Pilot Shop.

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By Aviation Pioneers

Aviation Pioneers will make your dream come true, whether you’re looking to enhance the capabilities of your Flight Operations

By Aviation Pioneers

Aviation Pioneers are unique in providing aviation preparation courses be qualified and recognized instructors locally and internationally.

By Aviation Pioneers

International Mediterranean Academy is developed to facilitate the learning process in a multi-cultural.

By Aviation Pioneers

You have a passion for aviation and dreams of your own. We share that passion for flight.

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Students Success Stories

Maram Bakeet

Thank you letter

Thanks Aviation Pioneers Academy
After thanking God Almighty, I extend my sincere thanks to all the educational staff and employees of the academy
for making good efforts in order to improve us and our comfort since the first day with encouragement and keenness
to perform the job while adopting the best standards for educational quality and research.
Starting from the administration (Raghad and Shorouk) to Uncle Suleiman,
may God protect him: without his cooperation, we would not have absorbed any information.
Many thanks to Captain Imad for his remarkable contribution, which strengthens the level of all trainees (beginner or advanced).
And his reliance on various learning styles to deliver information and his keenness to outperform everyone over and over again.
Thanks to Captain Tariq, who explained many details with compassion ,And finally, Captain Fahd Al-Alfy
We are honored and look forward to learning within your classes and gaining some of your knowledge
Thank you to all the trainees in my batch for your good morals and encouraging perseverance
May God reward you with the best reward

Sari Abdullah Al – Maliki

I would like to thank all Aviation Pioneers personnel for their hard work in helping me achieve my dream of flying and getting a commercial Pilot license.

Qusay Fouad Al Amoudi

I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me and helped me get my flight license and entry into the aviation industry, which helped me to join NAS.

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